Hi there, welcome to SLIDGE!

This wiki will get you up and running, and will hopefully answer many questions which might arise from using this engine. This document will grow as use cases and needs arise, and as I finish areas of documentation.

If you've just picked up a copy of Slidge and want to dive right in, there's a Getting Started video that takes you through setup, each editing area, testing, and publishing your game, all in one video –> Click here to check out the video guide. This Wiki has deeper and more thorough info, so I recommend checking it out when you have time.

What is Slidge : A summary of the project features

Getting Started Info : A summary of the parts of SLIDGE

Getting Started Steps : Getting SLIDGE into your game and editing

Advanced Features : Some of the special features of the engine

Terminology : Definitions of engine concepts

What's New : Updates and new features

This wiki is not intended to teach all of the concepts and use of GameMaker Studio 2, but there's great documentation online for it. If you've never used GameMaker before, or encounter unfamiliar terms or concepts in this wiki, check out the manual online: docs2.gamemaker.com

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Q Why can't I add anything? Textboxes, characters, choices?
A You will need define styles or characters before adding content that depends upon them to the screen. Each area of the editor has a sub-menu for this!

Q How can I move things around in the editors?
A Hold the Control key on your keyboard while you click and drag. This prevents accidentally moving things.

Q How can I preview my dialog in “show” mode?
A Press F6 (Game Maker's shortcut for running in debug mode) to preview your finished dialog.

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